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My name is Dawn Leggott and I provide proofreading services to students writing up their doctoral thesis and to individual academics. I am also an assessor of students' presentation and job interview skills and I run interactive workshops for universities e.g. on the subject of proofreading.
Why choose me? 


I am a qualified proofreader.

A former university lecturer, I used to teach Academic Writing, so I am very familiar with academic writing styles and referencing conventions. 

I am a native speaker of English and a linguist. I love words, language and languages.

I am professional and reliable.

I know how important it is for you to meet your submission deadline for your thesis or journal article and I have never missed a deadline!

All of my workshops are interactive and engaging. I am a qualified (English) language teacher. The only way to learn a language is by using it, not by listening passively to a lecture. I apply the same learning-by-doing principles to my workshops.


  • PhD/EdD students 

  • Individual academics 

  • Universities

  • International students


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