International Businesses


Bespoke solutions through specific projects and CPD to optimise your international business success.

√ solving specific export problems using my language skills or connecting you with graduates with  the relevant language and other skills


√ staff training in international email and meeting communication to avoid misunderstandings and maximise communication effectiveness when communicating in English with non native speakers of English


√ problem-solving consultancy service for enhancing employee relations in multicultural and multilingual workforces - optimising working relationships between staff members of different first languages and cultural backgrounds e.g. on the factory shop floor or in offices


√ job interview panel member to check the language level of applicants for jobs requiring Spanish or German





  • international email communication

  • international meetings communication

  • International English

  •  languages for exports

  • Intercultural awareness 



Dawn Leggott BA, MEd, DipTEFLA, APD, FHEA

Dawn Leggott Consulting Ltd

Skype: dawn.leggott




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Intercultural Awareness

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