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Dawn Leggott Consulting Ltd works with universites, English language teaching and testing organisations, as well as international businesses. I offer a range of services to enhance quality and optimise your intercultural communication with international students and international clients. 

Universities and Further Education Colleges



√ International student recruitment and  support

Optimising your international students’ study experience and academic success


√ Employability of language students and graduates

√ Undergraduate student employability

Optimising your students’ career-readiness through curriculum design, employer engagement and networking


√ British Council (re)accreditation inspection preparation

Helping you to prepare through practical support


√ International staff mentoring and support

Helping people connect


√ Quality enhancement

Enhancing quality, accomplishing your goals


English Language Testing Organisations


√ English language testing and test moderating


√ Recruitment of English language test moderators and examiners


√ Induction of English language test moderators and examiners


√ Professional development  of English language test moderators and examiners

English Language Teaching Schools and Centres
International Students




English Language teaching



√ British Council (re)accreditation inspection preparation



√  Staff development for teaching and administrative staff



√  Workshops for international students



English Language testing


International Businesses 

√ Language skills to solve specific export problems


√ International English for effective international communcation


√ Staff training in international email and meeting communication


√ Staff development and work shadowing 




Dawn Leggott BA, MEd, DipTEFLA, APD, FHEA

Dawn Leggott Consulting Ltd

Skype: dawn.leggott




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